What clients say about working with Elizabeth Olson

My experience working with Elizabeth as been fantastic. My organization has benefited tremendously from my work with her. In one’s year’s time, profitability is up 60%, net sales are up 14%, people engagement improved 50% in nine months… I couldn’t have done this without her! In the past, I would have tried to do this myself…Elizabeth got me to understand that it’s not enough to tell people. It may take longer, but it’s more effective when they come to the conclusions themselves because they will own them and become actively engaged in the solution—a big win.
— President, Business Unit, multinational consumer products company

You were so impressive to watch “in action”! I must have had at least six people ask me about you—who you were with, where we got you, how they could use you…I know we will be looking to you for help in the future.
— Executive, McDonald’s Corporation

Elizabeth has served as our strategic planning consultant for about 6 years and her guidance and observations have made a remarkable difference in how we approached change and managed our future. Elizabeth asks great questions, holds people accountable for their responsibilities and is able to engage a group. She is direct without offense, has a broad background of experience that enriches the experience and she adds a human element of fun and humor. She structures a useful process so that the strategic plan does not become a dust-ladened binder on a shelf. As we move into our future, we yet again face change. But we are prepared to deal with that change because of the good work and solid thinking Elizabeth brought to our organization.
— CEO, CareLink, Inc.

As a result of my work with Elizabeth, I am operating with a Leadership Charter that has identified a vision, mission and personal values. I am more strategically focused to achieve this vision in day-to-day operations, and focused on specific metrics with my leadership team to accomplish this mission. This experience reignited my passion for my mission–to make a positive difference each day by exemplifying service, and excellence in words and actions.
— Administrative Director, Hasbro Children’s Hospital

As a physician, I was not familiar with the concept of a career coach, because doctors are expected to “know” how to plan a career! In my stressful workplace there are several co-workers who are especially frustrating to work with, but she gave me tips that improved my relationships with them. An unexpected side effect was that those difficult personalities seemed to improve themselves when I started interacting in a different and more positive way! Instead of simply going to work and just slogging through the day, Elizabeth encouraged and helped me to map out a future for my career, giving me ideas of how to get to my optimum and most desirable professional life. After 20 years at my job, she helped me plan a 6-month sabbatical so I could finally take time to reflect, rest, and do meaningful volunteer work that I could never do working 40+ hours a week. Without a doubt, my professional, and even personal life has improved since she helped me analyze and change some of my workplace challenges.
— Doctor, prominent University Hospital

What a dynamic woman! Elizabeth really focused on how to make this organizations grow. Please, please, can we have her back next year. I had no idea this retreat was going to be so fulfilling. The Alliance now has focus and clarity.
— Participant at a non-profit planning retreat