Problem or Polarity? Come Learn the Difference and Why Polarity Thinking is a MUST for your Facilitation Toolkit

Just wanted to let you know about an upcoming presentation I am giving in Wicker Park for the International Association of Facilitators.  The title is Problem or Polarity? Come Learn the Difference and Why Polarity Thinking is a MUST for your Facilitation Toolkit and everybody interested in the topic is most welcome (we are all facilitating something to happen!)

It’s going to be in a brand new/old cool space, the Bath House Cultural Center at 1019 N. Wolcott, near Division, from 6-9PM on Thursday, November 19.  So, please register at and/or spread the word to other potentially interested folks.

Why Polarities?  Organizations today are facing expectations that are seemingly at odds or paradoxical—to be more centralized or decentralized?…financially driven or mission driven?…for the benefit of stock holders or benefiting communities?…promoting directive leadership or collaborative leaders?  Communities are struggling too—more law enforcement or community engagement?…focus on individual interests or neighborhood interests?   Competing options like these–also called polarities–cause tensions that can either be destructive or highly energizing for individuals, organizations and communities.

Facilitators and coaches can play a key role in learning to tell the difference between a problem to solve and a polarity to leverage.  In this interactive session, you’ll discover how polarities effectively manage complexity and reduce conflict.  The research is clear–those leaders and organizations that leverage polarities well outperform those that don’t.

Don’t miss out…come discover this transformative phenomenon!


  • Understanding what a polarity is and why it is important professionally and personally
  • Gaining new methods for managing complexity, conflict and change
  • Experiencing some polarity tools to take away for future exploration

Presenter: Elizabeth Olson, MSOD, is President of Preferred Futures, Inc.,  She is known for enhancing leadership effectiveness through strategic thinking and emotional intelligence, diplomacy and frankness, care for the individual and care for the organization, and an appreciation for stability as well as change.  With over 20 years of business experience and extensive training in facilitation, organization development and executive coaching, Elizabeth shares her understanding of how to navigate the complexities facing leaders today by leveraging paradox/polarities.   She was introduced to Polarity Thinking 20 years ago and has been applying the phenomenon in coaching, team effectiveness, and organization transformation engagements ever since.

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