Team Chartering

Nothing can stop a high-functioning team from accomplishing great results. However, many “teams” are not teams at all but rather groups of individuals acting as if they were a team. True teams have interdependent goals and are held accountable to achieving them as a group. They are also committed to collaborative processes utilizing the various strengths of all the members. Many so-called teams do not meet performance expectations, cause stress to members, and have inspired such books as Lencioni’s, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. I agree with his conclusion that trust is the foundation of a great team. We all know trust can be destroyed in a millisecond. Do you how trust can be built? We do! Team trust is based on having a clear Team Charter…of mission, goals, roles, decision-making, and many other factors.

To improve the productivity and effectiveness of teams after a charter is agreed upon, we use a combination of observation, assessment, facilitation and success metrics to help teams excel and have fun together.

Whether you have an established team that is stuck or are launching a new team, we offer a free consult to charter your teams for success.