Powerful Partnerships

Powerful Partnerships – The Organization Workshop

Barry Oshry’s groundbreaking book, Seeing Systems, shows how to overcome the “systems blindness” that befalls members of organizations (families and communities too—any system.) While teaching business students at Boston University, he created The Power Lab in the 60’s, a life-changing public workshop that is still operating once a year today. As a result of years of study and data, he devised the Organization Workshop: Creating Partnerships which is transformational for participants. As a certified trainer and long-time student of Barry’s, I offer the Organization Workshop to clients who admit to:

  • Results that are suffering due to lack of collaboration
  • Going through a major change process
  • A culture of more blame than understanding
  • “Us” and “Them” conversations
  • Silo behavior
  • Absence of trust
  • Unresolved conflict

By learning to see how we are all influenced by being Tops, Middles, Bottoms or Customers (everyone fluctuates between those spaces throughout each day!), conflicts get eased and true partnerships are forged.

Benefits of strengthened partnerships between levels in the organization, customers and vendors:

  • To develop partnership and entrepreneurship throughout your organization
  • To help clarify the role of middle managers, enabling them to be as effective as possible
  • To have their executives and senior managers understand the experiences of those at lower levels of the organization and communicate more effectively
  • To help their managers and leaders better understand their impact on others
  • To improve the effectiveness of their cross-functional teams
  • To strengthen partnership between their organization and their customers

To learn how your team or organization can benefit from forging powerful partnerships, give us a call.