Meeting Design and Facilitation

Whether your meeting is in the boardroom or the ballroom, we help you achieve results by putting proven high-engagement design principles to work for you. The science of human interaction has progressed dramatically in the last decade and the younger workforce expects a higher degree of participation in how the work gets done than prior generations. It’s critical for organizations to master the art of engagement and participation to build commitment and passion for desired results.

Research indicates that 50% of meeting time is wasted = 4 work days per month spent on useless meeting time.

For Small Meetings (up to 25 people): Using our Masterful Meeting Methods© program, you are likely to dramatically increase attendance and effectiveness of your valuable employees’ meetings. Most professionals attend over 15 meetings per week and yet, too often, the right people are not in the room, the agendas are non-existent or not considered critical, participants are not engaged, and follow-through is haphazard.   Thrown-together meetings cause frustration and drain precious human and financial resources while strategically planned and facilitated meetings advance results and are actually energizing.

For Large Meetings (25 – 1,000): Using design principles gleaned from Future Search, Appreciative Inquiry, Participative Design, Open Space, World Café, The Conference Model, Real Time Strategic Change, Whole-Scale Change and other technologies, we will work with your Design Team (a cross-section of attendees) to create a collaborative process resulting in alignment around key goals. Participants become partners in the business of change by planning together across silos–why not include vendors, regulators and customers?!

Speak with us about creating meetings to accomplish your purpose with energy, ownership and commitment for no initial cost.