Hiring and Selecting Star Players

We know from Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, having the right people in the right seats on the bus is a critical success factor. It’s not as easy as posting a job on Monster or even contracting with a headhunter. First, the people closest to the job need to determine the desired outcomes and performance standards of the position—not based on the last person in the job, but built upon the market and team imperatives of the future. Second, interviewers need to be trained in interviewing and selection skills to get the most out of the applicants and make wise hiring decisions. And third, an on-boarding process needs to support the new manager as well as his or her team as they collaborate to achieve high expectations. The cost of a bad hire—sunk recruiting costs, wasted time of staff orientation and training, lost productivity, and the psychological cost of bad decision-making—is estimated at three times the salary of the new hire.

Having been a recruiter for a large financial institution and trained by Richard Bolles of What Color is Your Parachute and other career transition experts, I have developed a comprehensive hiring and selection process for many client systems resulting in star players who enhance the teams they join forces with.


  • Compelling position description based on market-driven and strategic future outcomes
  • Team commitment to the competencies desired in the successful candidate
  • Slate of highly qualified and diverse applicants to choose from
  • Professional and legal selection process that will impress candidates and produce results

If you are tired of being disappointed by your hiring process, call us to find your star players.