Group Coaching/Leadership Pods©

A Leadership Pod is a group of three people being coached at the same time from different parts of the same organization. The advantages are many—each person gains perspective from listening to the stories of the others and their choices, cross-fertilization takes place within the organization, costs are lower, a support system is created within the organization…. The concept was created by Dr. Laurie Anderson for a Fortune 50 company and Elizabeth was certified to lead pods by Laurie.


  • To ensure that senior managers have developed a clear leadership vision and strategy to drive the achievement of specific business results through their people
  • To provide senior managers with just-in-time feedback, coaching, and support for their leadership agendas
  • To strengthen peer collaboration and support to optimize development beyond the impact of the executive coach or group training programs
  • To accelerate and deepen individual leadership development via more frequent and skillful peer coaching
  • To reinforce HOW to give effective coaching support and challenge through expert facilitation
  • To help build leadership capacity and drive a culture of coaching and just-in time feedback
  • To strengthen shared business and development accountability among executive peers

Call to explore the possibilities of launching Leadership Pods© in your organization for increased leadership effectiveness and organizational knowledge-sharing.