Executive Team Alignment

Today’s business challenges require an aligned and effective leadership team, with a capital T. Just minding one’s own function is not enough to create a successful enterprise.  Being powerfully aligned means providing clear direction, supporting the success of the whole and being a strong role model within the organization, both as individuals as well as collectively.

The Executive Team Alignment Process is particularly effective for executive leadership and leadership team building where:

  • a new leader has been appointed or a new team is being established
  • a new and challenging strategy needs to be developed
  • a merger with another company has to be managed successfully
  • an existing team has become unsure of how to achieve its required growth plans
  • competitive pressures need addressing in new and bold ways
  • the “blame game” is undermining collaboration and trust


  • An understanding of the dynamics of sustainable peak performance
  • An aligned executive team truly committed and working towards a compelling vision for the future
  • A shared understanding of where the business stands and what it aspires to
  • Clarity on what is holding the organization back from achieving intended results
  • An experience of collaboratively working together to create the future
  • A high-level plan for what to do next as a team
  • Clarity about the initiatives required and how to take them to the organization

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