Gil Steil Associates

Elizabeth Olson and Gil SteinGil Steil is an organization and management consultant with over 20 years experience, both nationally and internationally, specializing in whole system change – the development of strategies, plans, and designs through the engagement of whole organizations and their key stakeholders.

Gil and Elizabeth co-lead a seminar, “How to Create a High-Engagement Workplace” teaching the principals of most large group methodologies to maximum advantage for each client situation.

Sloan Group International

Sloan Group International is a premier provider of leadership development consulting in organizations that rely on collaboration and innovation. We believe that leadership means taking personal responsibility for results, and that each of us must be the change we wish to see in the world.

We have a proven track record in large-scale leadership development and executive coaching programs at major multinational organizations. Clients have told us what sets us apart are our values, our focus on business results and our highly experienced team of practitioners.

Elizabeth has been a member of this network since 2006 as an Executive Coach and Consultant.

Kierson Consulting

Kierson Consulting is a multi-faceted leadership and management consulting and training firm with a vision to have organizations of all kinds and sizes everywhere fulfill on their visions; successfully bring services and products into the world that are contributions to the quality of life on the planet; are great places to work; and consistently yield good returns to their shareholders.

Using The Seven Pillars for Successful Strategic Implementation™ and ExecuTAP®, a world-class executive team alignment process, Miles Kierson, Founder, helps companies not only achieve successful implementation of their strategies, but move toward mastery of such implementation.

Elizabeth is certified to deliver Miles’ strategic planning and leadership development methods and tools to her clients.

Polarity Partnerships

Founded by Dr. Barry Johnson who is the author of Polarity Management-Identifying and Managing Unsolvable Problems. Polarity Thinking® provides a systematic means of exploring the gold found in the paradoxes inherent in all human endeavors. Although we are hard-wired to define difficult situations as problems that can be solved, we know that this is not always possible. The truth is, some “problems” are on-going and can never be solved in a traditional sense. These are polarities—situations in which both conflicting points of view are true.

Intuitively, we know that:

  • Leaders need to be conservative for stability and revolutionary for change.
  • Organizations need centralized coordination and decentralized initiatives.
  • We need to support team development and reward individual achievement.
  • We need to reduce our costs and improve quality.
  • All of us are faced with work commitments and home commitments.

None of the above are problems to solve by choosing one and neglecting the other—they are polarities that need to be managed. Barry’s powerful methods bring vitality and cohesion to leaders, groups, organizations and governments.

Elizabeth has been using Polarity Thinking® for many years and is part of the Polarity Partnerships Community.

Power + Systems, Inc.

Barry Oshry, Founder and Chief Theoretical Officer, is a ground-breaking educator, author and playwright whose mission for over 30 years has been to unlock the mysteries of human systems. His quest has uncovered core systemic dynamics that lead to personal and organizational dysfunction, along with a framework and tools for mastering those dynamics. His model of top-middle-bottom-customer dynamics has given managers and executives across the globe system sight, enabling them to understand their dilemmas in a new light and providing them with empowering choices.

Elizabeth is part of the Power + Systems Community and a certified trainer of The Organization Workshop ™, an experiential program that gets to the heart of partnership in organization life – why partnership is critical to organizational success, what gets in the way of it developing, and the role of leaders in making it happen.